FANGS hero tier list - all heroes ranked (November 2022)

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Looking to pick up FANGS, but not sure which hero is the best one for you? Well we can help you with that as our FANGS hero tier list will rank all the heroes in the game so you know what's best.

FANGS is a brand new MOBA, created by one of the developers of League of Legends. The game takes the MOBA format and shortens it into smaller skirmishes, so the games are always action packed.

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FANGS hero tier list

Tier Hero
SBelroth, Fiorne, Rose
ABrutus, Kiona, Rowan, Ethryn
BTufts, Somnia, Astrada, Rayo, Ishir
CZoey & Boo

To kick off the S tier, we have Belroth, Fiorne and Rose. Belroth is a melee tank hero that is really good at pushing the aspect. He has a lot of Health, good displacement tools and dishes out some wicked damage. Fiorne is also a melee hero, but she's a spear user. She has some high mobility and a lot of attack speed, which in the right hands, can be very easy kills. Finally, we have Rose, who is a ranged hero. She dishes out a bunch of damage from a far with her throwing swords and if left alone can bring the pain.

For the A tier, we have Brutus, Kiona, Rowan and Ethryn. Brutus is another tank style melee hero that has some great tools. He has a built in hook, some wide cleaves and solid mobility with his leap slam and ultimate. Kiona is an ice melee hero. She has some great engage spells, and can be used as an initiator, as she has an immunity spell. Rowan is a melee sword user who has some good damage and a wide hitting ultimate. Finally Etheryn is a support hero. She has a lot of great healing and displacement abilities to really dictate how fights go.

In B tier, Tufts, Somnia, Astrada, Rayo, and Ishir. Tufts is a support hero that leverages projectile feathers to dish out damage or heal their allies. Somina is a ranged hero with some powerful psychic abilities. She's rather tricky to play against as she can CC you to allow for her to solo kill you or for her team to swoop in. Astrada is your typical fire mage. She has some powerful spells that can pick off enemies from a far and has decent mobility in her blink. Rayo is a lightning ranged character. He's the first character you get access to in the game, and has some pretty straight forward arrow based abilities. Lastly Ishir is the assassing type hero. He likes to sneak in from the shadows, and get behind his enemies for big damage.


In the C tier we have Zoey & Boo. They are a support character that focuses on healing and shields. While their output is good, they have very little health and can be bursted down very quickly. In the D tier we have Yanari. She's another support hero that can be powerful, but she wants to split her time between gathering orbs from shrines and fighting the enemy. Given how fast paced the game can be, her spending too much time away from the team can be seriously detrimental.

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