FIFA 23 to feature both Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond

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An image of Ted Lasso in FIFA 23.

It’s been easy to dismiss the relentless speculation from Ted Lasso fans regarding their favourite fictional manager popping up in FIFA as no more than wishful thinking.

After all, Mr Lasso has yet to show up in Multiversus, and the idea of a team more functional than Piemonte Calcio appearing in EA’s realistically-furnished football game seemed a little unprecedented.

However, it seems we all owe the Apple TV+ comedy’s stans a bit of an apology, as Ted Lasso and his team are indeed set to land in the game.

Are you excited to play as Ted Lasso’s squad in FIFA?

As teased via a post from Lasso’s official Twitter account, Jason Sudeikis’ character and his team, AFC Richmond, are both set to feature in the game, being playable across multiple game modes.

Want to take them to the top of the league in Career Mode or Online Seasons? You can. Only got time to win a game with them in Kickoff or an Online Friendly match? That’s an option too. Also, don’t worry if you’re desperate to kit out your Ultimate Team in Richmond gear, as that’ll be possible too.

“As long-time fans of EA SPORTS FIFA, having Ted Lasso and the whole AFC Richmond squad incorporated into the newest version of the game is truly a dream come true for myself and the rest of the fellas.” says Sudeikis of the inclusion, adding: “We look forward to our fans having the opportunity to play with, play as, and even play against their favourite AFC Richmond characters.”

Lasso’s appearance in the game comes as part of an agreement between EA and Warner Bros, with every aspect of the team, including its stadium, Nelson Road and popular players like Roy Kent, Jamie Tartt and Sam Obisanya having been recreated in sumptuous detail.


“I look forward to beating my nephew in a game with me as Roy Kent and him as Jamie Tartt. He’s gonna be furious,” said Brett Goldstein, the actor who portrays the lively Kent in the show.

Regardless of whether your family members will be upset when you terrorise them with AFC Richmond in FIFA, make sure to follow us for more updates on the game as its release inches closer.

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