How to get backspin in EA PGA Tour

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The character is playing golf in PGA Tour, at the Masters.

Knowing how to get backspin in EA PGA Tour is really crucial, as it allows you to be a little more precise with shots or correct mistakes a little. So, we highly recommend that you practice this trick until you are able to perform it whenever the situation requires you to do so.

Also, we will explain to you how the spin mechanic works, as this knowledge is essential to get backspin on a shot.

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How does the spin mechanic works in PGA Tour?

In order to explain to you how to perform the backspin trick, we will need to tell you about the spin mechanic. Basically, it allows you to choose the direction your ball will move after it lands.

The spin mechanic tutorial is PGA Tour.
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If you want to use the spin mechanic in PGA Tour, you will need to press the X button or the L1 button while the ball is in the air. After that, use your analog stick to choose the spin direction.

How to perform backspin in PGA Tour

Well, if you want to perform the backspin trick in PGA Tour, you just need to choose the right spin direction. After landing, the ball should start rolling back. So, move your left stick down to set up this trick, and watch how your ball spins back.

How to use backspin in EA PGA Tour


Backspin in PGA Tour allows you use the lie of greens to roll your ball back towards the pin. Also, if you see that your ball is going past the hole, you should pull it back with the help of the spin mechanic.

PGA Tour from EA Sports is a highly detailed golf simulator game featuring all four of golf's major championships. Hopefully, the backspin will help you get a few birdies or better.

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