Fallout Nuevo Mexico modder discusses lessons team learned from observing projects like Fallout: The Frontier

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Some characters in Fallout Nuevo Mexico.
Credit: Fallout Nuevo Mexico team.

No matter whether they’ve been worked on for years or put together in a single day, Fallout mods can add a lot to the experience on offer in The Commonwealth or the Mojave.

Some of these wonderful works provide fresh adventures for your vault dweller to head off on or make additions that can help add some extra realism or fun to your wasteland experience.

If you’re a vault dweller that can't wait to delve into massive New Vegas expansion Fallout Nuevo Mexico once it arrives, you’ll be glad to hear that its developers have seemingly learned a lot from some other large-scale modding projects.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Fallout Nuevo Mexico has to offer?

In a recent interview with YouTuber and streamer FollowerToshi, the mod’s assistant lead writer, who goes by the handle ‘Bishop’, discussed the influence that some already=released Fallout New Vegas mods have had on how the Nuevo Mexico team are approaching things.

The main project the pair talked about was Fallout: The Frontier, which was taken offline shortly after its release in January 2021, following criticism regarding the nature of some of its content, which the team quickly committed to revising.

Having been asked how the Nuevo Mexico team has planned to avoid experiencing similar issues with their mod, Bishop highlighted a “lack of communication” and competing visions for the Frontier among its developers.

In addition to emphasising that Nuevo Mexico’s leads are making an effort to regularly discuss the mod’s direction and be open to internal criticism, the modder acknowledged that every single detail of the mod won’t likely be perfect at launch. Instead, their goal will be to ensure that any potential errors are easily rectifiable.

“What we’re doing with the trailers [is] to show you exactly what you're going to get, show you exactly what we’re going for,” explained Bishop, citing The Frontier’s Enclave space station as an unexpected twist that many players weren’t fans of. They added: “Nothing in this game is going to just all of a sudden come out of nowhere.”

They also underscored that Nuevo Mexico won’t feature anything along the lines of The Frontier’s infamous Deathclaw sex skill check, regardless of whether it includes any alien encounters.

In addition to The Frontier, Bishop revealed that the team learned from Fallout: New California that having plenty of side content is “a must,” adding that they expect this to be “the crowning jewel of Nuevo Mexico” and more of a “main attraction” than the mod’s central storyline.


The modder also revealed that the team learned a lot from The Frontier in terms of atmosphere and soundtrack, while adding that another New Vegas mod, ‘Havasu Blues’, has influenced their attitude to letting players explore and find things for themselves.

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