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Editor in Chief

Tom Hopkins

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Tom is Editor in Chief at Gfinity. If he's not playing the latest AAA release, he'll be grinding out wins on Warzone or wasting time on FIFA.

Guides Editor

Luke Hinton

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Luke joined Gfinity in 2021, and works as Guides Editor across Only Mobile Gaming and Guides. When not working, he'll probably be updating his Letterboxd.

News Editor

Mark Warren

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Mark is a News Editor who’s seen more Skyrim and Fallout mods than any person arguably ever should. You can often find him enjoying an RPG, getting too invested in Madden or falling in love with some quirky indie title.

Evergreen Editor

Verna Colosi

Verna is a day-one Apex Legends player and Mad Maggie main. When she's not hot dropping she's tending to her farm in Stardew Valley, as well as sneaking around in Dishonored trying to get that dastardly Ghost achievement.

Staff Call of Duty Writer

Jon Nicholson

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Jonno is our resident Call of Duty expert. When he's not writing about CoD, you will find him dropping into Warzone and multiplayer with varying levels of success.

Staff Writer

James Bentley

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James Bentley is a UK-Based Journalist with work in TechRadar, Prima Games, NME, and more. They will use any excuse to talk about RPGs or Indie games that will make you cry.

Evergreen Specialist

Ramses Miaco

Ramses is tech nerd who will play any video game he can get his hands on. When he's not gaming, you'll probably see me mindlessly browsing Reddit.

Freelance Editor & Writer

Josh Brown

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With work featured in PC Gamer, IGN, Fanbyte, Trusted Reviews, and more covering anything from MMOs and TCGs, to mice and mobile controllers, Josh considers himself "adequate."