Only Up Fortnite code - How to play

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Only Up pipes in the Sky

If you've seen your friends or any popular streamers playing a 3D climbing game recently, chances are that it was Only Up. Now you might be interested in the experience but see it as a bit of a hassle. Luckily, for Fortnite fans, there's a way to experience it inside Fortnite using the Only Up Fortnite code.

Creative 2.0 has allowed talented Fortnite players to create some amazing modes. Take part in the main Only Up course or the Only Up-themed tournaments in Fortnite and climb your way to the top in this massive obstacle course. So let's check out the Only Up Fortnite codes to get you into the game.

Is Only Up in Fortnite?

Only Up is a game about starting from the ground and making your way up a treacherous and ridiculous obstacle course. However, if you fall, you risk losing all of your progress at once so the game can be quite nerve-racking.

Due to how popular and fun this game concept seems, many players have chosen to recreate it in other titles, one of which is Fortnite and its Creative 2.0 mode.

What is the Fortnite code for Only Up?

The Only Up Fortnite Code is 4366-9611-6988, called OnlyUp Fortnite! and made by the creator Army.

This is the main Only Up Fortnite Code that lets you take part in the race to the top. The concept of climbing up to the top may seem simple, but it's full of perilous challenges that you will have to try repeatedly to overcome.

How to play Only Up in Fortnite

To play it, launch Fortnite and head over to the Game Mode menu. From here just input the Only Up Fortnite Code provided above and press enter. The Only Up Fortnite map will appear and now you just have to play it.


Since then, another creator opened up an Only Up themed game mode in Fortnite. You can play it using the code 0694-9798-9284. This one is titled Only Up Fortnite Tournament and is rated as Very Hard. It was made by the creator emaer_isof, and you can check out the details on the game mode page.

That's all you need to know about Only Up Fortnite codes! Once you're done beating the game in Fortnite, be sure to check out which platforms it's available on and if the game supports multiplayer.

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