Apex Legends player creates detailed infographic to pitch potential legend buff

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Ash in front of storm and Ash with hood up on white background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to suggesting changes to the game, Apex Legends players certainly aren't afraid to make their voices heard. With a variety of legends each equipped with various abilities available to those dropping into the action, alongside an extensive weapon arsenal, there are inevitably occasions when certain things become a bit too powerful.

With Season 18 moving into view, players are furious after Respawn Entertainment revealed an overpowered weapon wasn't receiving a nerf, while others are still growing tired of a bug causing players to clip inside walls.

A new season usually means the developer is bound to introduce a number of buffs and nerfs. One player has channeled their creative juices and pitched some changes they'd like to see via a snazzy graphic.

Apex Legends Ash buff infographic

Rather than making their suggestions via a standard Reddit post, user FlannOff decided to create an infographic outlining numerous reasons why they think Ash is in need of a buff.

Based on the post's comments, other players approve of both the detailed infographic and its proposed changes. One player said: "Top tier infographic. Hopefully, a Respawn dev notices this." Another added: "(These are) great ideas without reworking (Ash) completely. (I) would love to see that passive in the game."

The adjustments to Ash range from improved range and an increased cooldown on the Phase Breach ultimate ability, to the revealing of opponent locations via the Marked for Death passive.

The prospect of an Ash buff is an exciting one, following the complete rework of Revenant known as Revenant Reborn. Some players think Ash could be the next Legend in line for an overhaul. One said: "Give her the Revenant treatment and give Ash a rework."

We'll have to wait and see if the developers take on board the suggestions made in the infographic. All of the changes suggested sound reasonable, so there's always a chance the feedback is acknowledged.


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