Apex Legends players furious after overpowered weapon evades Season 18 nerf

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Lifeline holding Nemesis Burst AR and player inspecting Nemesis Burst AR
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Balancing the huge arsenal of weapons on offer in Apex Legends is a tricky task. Respawn Entertainment's battle royale contains a wide range of weaponry, all of which is capable of making an impact in both casual and ranked matches.

Ahead of Season 18, the studio has started sharing details on Revenant Reborn, in addition to some of the changes expected to appear in the update's full patch notes.

Among the list of planned buffs and nerfs to weapons, players have noticed a glaring omission. Many were hoping to see Respawn nerf an overpowered rifle as part of the upcoming season, but it looks like that won't be happening.

Apex Legends' Nemesis rifle looks like it won't receive a nerf in Season 18

Following the reveal of several balancing changes affecting various parts of the arsenal, user Cazirus has taken to Reddit to share their frustrations about the Nemesis Burst AR not receiving a nerf.

The player says: "It's official, the Nemesis is not receiving a nerf and it's absolutely absurd." Judging by the comments on their post, there aren't many players that are fans of the decision, with one arguing: "The only thing that is balanced about the Nemesis is that it chews through ammo."

During a press event prior to the start of the season, lead weapon designer Eric Canavese shed some light ON the choice not to nerf the Nemesis:

"We are actually very happy with where the Nemesis is. The Nemesis is performing very well and its within the space that we want it to be, rivalling the Flatline and the R-301.

"In this coming season, there are no plans to make any changes to that, but we are always looking at it."

Instead of the Nemesis receiving a nerf that reduces its immense firepower, the rifle is instead being placed inside the crafter, providing players with a strong weapon to obtain once they've got enough materials.

The decision not to nerf the Nemesis may come as a surprise to some players, but there's always a chance Respawn Entertainment applies some more changes to it once Season 18 gets underway.

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