Call of Duty content creators tease potential return of popular movement mechanic

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Screenshot of Call of Duty player abseiling down building and player pointing gun at ground
Credit: Activision

In the months leading up to a new Call of Duty release, Activision often builds hype via putting out cryptic social media posts and sending out promotional material to popular content creators. As attention turns towards the launch of Modern Warfare 3, the publisher has been doing exactly that.

Ahead of official confirmation of the game's features, the rumour mill continues to turn, with leaks claiming a classic feature is on its way back and sharing around a gun list that features some alleged new additions to the weapon arsenal.

In the midst of this uncertainly, a number of content creators have received a package containing items which seemingly confirm that a popular movement mechanic will return in the upcoming release.

Modern Warfare 3 slide cancelling

During a recent live stream, FaZe Clan member Swagg opened this parcel to reveal a pair of sliders, an empty tin can, and a mobile phone. After piecing together the slide, can, and cellphone, the streamer quickly connected the dots and suggested they implied the return of slide cancelling.

In addition to the items, Swagg also received a text message on the phone. It read: "You will be expected to move more quickly in Al Mazrah," which implies the movement changes could also be heading to Warzone.

While some players are excited by the potential change, others are far from happy. One player argues: "Honestly, slide cancelling is boring. (I Would) much rather have a brand-new movement mechanic."

Slide cancelling first appeared in 2019's Modern Warfare, as a method of moving around the map quicker than sprinting. Cancelling a slide before the motion begins enables players to retain maximum movement speed and also makes it harder for an opponent to shoot them.

The mechanic was removed when 2022's Modern Warfare 2 launched, much to the annoyance of players. According to a poll conducted by Call of Duty content creator ModernWarzone, 64% of players were unhappy with this decision.

The return of slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 3 would be an opportunity for Sledgehammer Games to create a skill gap that separates the very best players from the rest. The increase in speed would be bound to change the pace of play, too.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see whether slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 3 proves popular. In the meantime, take a look at our Call of Duty guides showcasing how to unlock the Nicki Minaj Operator and the Modern Warfare 3 Perks list.

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