Call of Duty players think new Season 5 weapons take too long to earn

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Screenshot of Call of Duty rifle and Ghost holding assault rifle and wearing black and gold skin
Credit: Activision

The dawn of a new Call of Duty season usually brings a wealth of new content to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. Ranging from a reinvigorated battle pass to some fresh additions to an ever-expanding arsenal of weaponry, there's always plenty to unlock.

Following the launch of Season 5, the FR Avancer assault rifle and the Carrack .300 sniper rifle are already catching the eye of players dropping into the action. As part of the battle pass, players need to work through a number of sectors in order to obtain these guns.

That said, for the new season, the game's developers have increased the number of tokens required to unlock newly added weapons, a change players are far from impressed with.

Call of Duty players claim weapons have slow unlock rate

Shortly after Season 5 got underway, user OriginalXVI took to Reddit to highlight the fact that players now require at least 35 battle pass tokens to unlock the new weapons, instead of the usual 30.

This small increase hasn't gone unnoticed and some players have called for the change to be reversed, with one arguing: "Just take us back to the old battle pass system at this point."

Call of Duty's previous battle pass system saw players work through 100 tiers of content, with everyone starting at tier one. For Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward switched the system one featuring a map made up of sectors, which require tokens to unlock the content within them.

For those wanting to get their hands on the latest weaponry without grinding through each sector, other players have found a crafty workaround that's much faster. One player claims: "Every season so far, I have been lucky to get both the weapons in DMZ from other players within a couple of hours."

Instead of working through the battle pass, players are managing to extract weapons from DMZ. Despite reports of some players having the inability to do so, the game's developers have applied an update that'll enable players to make the most of this method.

It's unclear if there are plans to reduce the number of tokens required to unlock weapons at any point down the road. For now, it's probably worth dropping into some DMZ to obtain them as fast as possible.

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